FAQ about Casino Secrets Cdrom
Q: Are the methods on the cdrom guaranteed?
A: No. Although the methods do maximize your odds of
winning, each method does require practice and a good
steady mind to execute – therefore we do not make
any guarantees of winning.

Q: Do you offer reseller programs for quantity orders?
A: Yes, email us @ slatts@ix.netcom.com for reseller info.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We will replace any defective or non-working cdrom upon
notification – this cdrom (like all software) cannot be
purchased and returned.

Q: Has the software been reviewed in any casino/gambling
A: No, but we’re open to review – email us your credentials
from your publication for review.

Q: What success has the authors made from these
A: Well, we’re now consistent winners – winning up to
$27,000 on one occasion in Las Vegas and had many
successful trips to Atlantic City in excess of $3,500 since
completing the research for this cdrom.

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