House Rules


SBG Poker aims to provide all players with the best service available. Players are our most valuable assets! For this reason, we want to ensure that all players enjoy their SBG Poker experience.
All account holders can help us by practicing proper etiquette while playing at our poker tables. We will help you by enforcing our already established series of required guidelines. At any moment, you are welcome to contact our courteous and professionally trained Customer Support Staff for prompt and immediate attention at live chat, or with our toll free number 1-866-POKER11.

Blinds will always be required whether you are playing at a real or play money ring game, or at a tournament. At Play or Real Money Ring games, blinds will always be subject to the lower limit of a table’s limit stake. An important exception is made for Stud games because players pay a small ante fee, which is based on the table’s limit.

Buy-ins are subject to ten times the lower limit of the particular table’s stake structure.

SBG Poker Betting Rounds
SBG Poker’s flop games have four betting rounds and stud games have five betting rounds. The first two rounds are subject to the lower limit of the table’s stake structure while the remaining rounds are subject to the upper limit of the stake structure. Each round is subject to no more than one bet with three additional raises. If there is a Cap, options for calling or folding are available.

Anti-Collusion/Fraud/Unethical Practices
All claims, warnings of collusion and fraud are taken seriously. Accounts that are under investigation will be notified by a SBG Poker Supervisor and will be temporarily locked during the time frame of the investigation. At the moment in which an appropriate response/resolution has been determined, the player(s) in question will be promptly informed. Immediate account re-activation will occur depending on the outcome. When account closure is the final solution, balances will be processed, dispersed or reimbursed to appropriate parties.

SBG Poker will not tolerate the following: collusion, chip dumping, extreme abuse of either promotions or freeroll tournaments, multiple accounts, rude chat, players begging for money at the tables, and the act of promoting online companies that are not associated with SBG Poker. We use the latest technology and monitoring techniques with full consideration for protecting our most important asset: our players.

Multiple Accounts
SBG Poker allows only one account per family, household, IP Address, and computer. The clear intention is that it assists in avoiding promotion abuse and any unethical or unorthodox practices.

Rare situations will occur where limited groups of players will be allowed to be made an exception but that will happen upon Management’s sole discretion. When special permissions have been granted only one person from the group will be allowed to receive bonuses.

SBG Poker provides 2 all-ins every 24 hours. If you unfortunately get disconnected from the Internet while you are playing at a real money table, you have 30 seconds to try to reconnect and finish your hand. If you do not reconnect on time, then the system will declare you “all-in” and allow you to have the opportunity to potentially win the pot.

Players who have the highest hand and are under “all-in” status will win a portion of the pot on the basis of how much they have wagered, and the remainder of the pot will go to the player with the second highest hand. The “all-in” concept also takes into consideration players who have the chance to potentially win the pot, but who do not have an appropriate balance. The system will automatically fold the hand after a player has used all their “all-ins.”

Players who are found abusing the all-in policy will have their all-in protection removed.

Play Time Limits
SBG Poker allows players a maximum of 30 seconds to decide whether they will continue wagering or fold. This same concept also applies when a player is disconnected from the Internet or leaves their computer without selecting “Sit out next hand”. After 30 seconds the system will either declare your hand “all-in” or automatically fold your hand.

Player Account Information
Your personal account information is completely secure and we go through great lengths to protect it. We recommend that you also protect your SBG Poker username and password as if it were your savings account number. If you ever suspect there has been a breach of security, do not hesitate to inform Customer Support and your account will be changed in order to avoid any problems.

SBG Poker Etiquette
Below you will find guidelines we expect all our players to follow:

• Player Username
SBG Poker will not allow nicknames that may be offensive to other players. SBG Poker reserves the right to change inappropriate choices, or those that closely resemble others already in use.

• Player Chat
Abusive, sexual or offensive language based on race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, playing style, or any other abusive or derogatory remarks will not be tolerated. Complaints will be dealt with swiftly and may result in a suspension of playing privileges or other actions that may be required to ensure compliance. Players who beg for money at the tables will also not be tolerated. This is considered an abuse of chat privileges and active account status with our establishment.

In the event that several warnings do not change the player’s habits, Management will close the player’s account and process any remaining transactions.

• Minimum Age Requirement
SBG Poker minimum age requirement is 18. Before an account is created, the player has to click on a box verifying that they are of the appropriate age. Players who lie about their age will be held accountable. If SBG Poker discovers underage players, their accounts will be closed promptly and funds will be dispersed at Management’s discretion.

• Public Picture/Profile
All submitted pictures will be screened thoroughly by Customer Support for approval. SBG Poker will not allow pictures that contain graphic images of the following nature: racial, defamatory, pornographic, anti-religious, or any other hate sponsoring type of picture. Pictures do not reflect in any way, shape or form SBG Poker philosophy, company policy, or views. When you view another player’s profile you are looking at the picture completely at your own risk.

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