Playing Big Slick


You look down at your two hole cards while playing Texas Holdem and see the very pleasing site of Ace-King staring back at you. Life is good you think. Next to having pocket Aces or pocket Kings, Ace-King (known as big slick) is about as good a starting hand you can have. Since we know that big slick is a great starting hand, why do so many players screw it up?
There is no hand while playing Texas Holdem that offers players more potential and more disaster than Ace-King. What players fail to realize about big slick is that the hand is a drawing hand. It is not a made hand before the flop. So many players forget this one simple fact. Players will overplay the Ace-King thinking it is Aces or Kings when it is not. Most of the time you are going to want to raise with big slick, but you have to be careful of making big raises from early position with Ace-King because you will be out of position the rest of the hand. In lat position you can do a few more things, including re-raising and slow playing that you can’t do from early position.

The main point of contention for players holding big slick in Texas Holdem is the play after the flop. So many players fall in love with the Ace-King that they can’t get away from the hand after the flop. If you raised before the flop but missed, you have to be prepared to get rid of the hand if you face any pressure after the flop. Too many players will continue to throw money chasing after big slick.

It can’t really be emphasized enough that big slick is not a made hand. It is a strong starting hand, but it is not the nuts unless it connects with something after the flop. So many times you see Texas Holdem poker on television and even professional players get themselves in all kinds of trouble by overplaying big slick. Don’t you make the same mistake. You can be fairly aggressive before the flop with big slick, but you must be prepared to throw it away after the flop. I know it is not easy to do, but it will save you money in the long run. Remember after the flop that if you are getting bet into it is fairly likely someone has connected and that means your Ace-King is no good. Throwing money after it is not a wise decision.

How you play big slick may very well determine your success during some sessions of your poker play. Keep in mind some of the points listed here and you may avoid some of the mistakes that even the best players make.

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