Is Asia A New Horizon Of The Poker

The game of poker was a game of cards game competitions over two hundred years. Undoubtedly, poker has attracted most of the planet, starting with the poker rooms on the river in boats and bars in the Wild West in ancient and modern maps to the room with a lot of tables and luxurious casinos worldwide. If the United States, Europe and Latin and South America, has become a super popular poker game 21 Century. But now there is a “new horizon”, which is active in the years to be defeated, to come, to go to the next phase of poker popularity among millions of new players.

This “new horizon” is a continental Asia. One billion people live in China, more than one billion is the population of India, and another billion spans the continent. Given this amount of potential poker players in the market is a “gold mine” for the organizers of the game. Horizon is only recently that developed (with or without the help of local governments) began to be. The new horizon could be the last for poker, which means it is completely conquer the world. Make sure that the organizers of poker is that in late 2007, many Asians understand what is “blind”, “Turn” and “River”.

For years, online businesses have been interested in the possibility of entering the Asian markets (especially in the Chinese market), but to prevent the governments of Asian countries online or at the scale of the game development industry Traditional. The Government of India, for example, actively supports the idea of ??the gaming industry (although there are six casinos in this country). China will host the International Olympic Games in 2008, which gradually weakens government control of the Internet. This is very good news for the representatives of the gaming industry, which has already prepared to launch a large-scale knowledge of Asia with poker.

Steve Wynn, owner of hotels and casinos throughout the world, is set to make his brilliant style and glamor to the Asian market. “Wynn Macau”, the complex of hotels and casinos, was born on September 5 opened in Macao. Directs the Asian continent with the luxury of Las Vegas. It consists of 600 rooms and casinos, games and probably offer poker games as well as other institutions of Steve Wynn to do worldwide. The 20-story hotel will be an exact copy of the hotel-casino “Wynn Las Vegas”. The company plans further expansion of table games across the continent.

TV also brought poker tournaments in the Asian market. The most popular poker tournament in the world (World Poker Tour or WPT) has been recently in Macau and Singapore TV license for it, the first season of the WPT games to show for Asian audiences. However, the continent is about to organize their own poker tournaments pending. The organization called “PanAsia Poker Tour”, said recently that the introduction of this new championship will be held in November, and is for the first time in history that the official Championship in Manila, Philippines, will be held.

The event “PETRA Philippine Open” will be held on November 3 to 5 in the “Airport Casino Filipino.” His final round include Texas Holdem free poker with cash prize of $ 2,500. Tournament is expected to control the formal approval of the State Corporation Philippines won the entertainment and gaming industry (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR) attracts celebrities and professional poker players who try to win the title of Champion tournament. The film is expected to match that shown in the future of Asian television. This means that viewers of Asia, the games in their own land.

However, the poker tournament entitled “PanAsia ‘not to organize an event. Leaders of this organization have plans in 2007 to organize a trip across the continent with ten stops. These are provided in Macau, Malaysia, Hong Kong , Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines are available. If the visit appears to be a success, it is able to attract millions of new poker players in the poker community.

India is also part of Asia reflects the belief of the Indians in many ways the characteristics of Asian philosophy, or in the East. Gambling and casinos are condemned Indian society in general (although many Indians want to change this), while poker sites , which are not allowed here, difficulties to spread deep into the continent. Interestingly, some firms in the online poker activities mainly in India. For example, the company “Party Poker” a branch has been achieved with 900 employees, the company pays taxes here and in Gibraltar, where it is located. Nevertheless, India will be able to see his real interest in poker for the first tournament of the history of this country, will be held in the year 2007.

Asian Poker Championship India – Asian Poker Classic – with guaranteed prize money of one million dollars will be held March 1-3, 2007, in a large complex of Goa (Grand Resort Goa ) at the hotel “Intercontinental”. was expected to more than two hundred players taking part in the tournament. The ticket price is $ 7500, this competition is to win some of the best poker players around the world and many celebrities. Organizers hope that the poker site (and sponsor of the tournament), “Maharajah Club”, which earned him a reputation for long will cause many players in this competition.

victory. Maybe even give the best representation Tournament organizers. This is the tournament director and tournament director of the prestigious “European Poker Tournament” (European Poker Tour), Thomas Kremser said about the event. “Such a thing has never happened in India. Undoubtedly, the tournament will be awesome. Beauty striking coastal town of magnificent hotels and absolutely unique character of this tournament Goa is its incomparable landscape. This will be the poker tournament of the year. “Ltsp>

Players Asians have already registered their names in the history of the game. Johnny Chan Men” The Master “Nguyen and Can Kim Hua, Asian players have contributed to the game, and today, its effect is felt in every tournament. Arrive in Asia, poker conquer the new and final geographical horizon and give birth to a new generation of Asian champions.

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